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~ Sarah Marine ~

‘Jazzy glam folk’ is a freshly invented genre which attempts to define the style of this eclectic artist who has grown up immersing herself in the analogue warmth of David Bowie, Sarah Vaughan & Joni Mitchell vinyls just to name a few.

Sarah Marine is a vocalist, harmonist, guitarist, pianist, sound engineer and visual artist who has a contemporary music degree up her sequinned sleeve.

Sarah lives by the ocean in Coogee and creates quirky songs with clever music, catchy cryptic lyrics and multi-tracked layers of vocal harmony that sound like mermaid sirens drawing ships onto the rocks.


The songs above are Written, Mixed & Mastered by Sarah Marine ~ Vocals, Keys & Archtop Guitar, and feature the following legendary musicians:
Matt Smith ~ Guitar
Dave Smith ~ Guitar
Gerard Masters ~ Hammond Organ
James Haselwood ~ Bass
Hamish Stuart ~ Drums & Percussion
Recorded onto reel to reel tape by Billy Field @ Paradise Studios