~ Music ~

~ Sarah is mastering her summery new song ‘Swims & Shows’ which she recorded & mixed in her Studio by the Sea & can’t wait to set it free on tour very soon B)

~ Sarah Marine’s new single ‘Go Away’ is now available!!!

Sarah’s sparkling new single ‘Go away’ is an amusing tale entailing the joys of living in the blissful absence of an irritating person – we all know one, let’s be honest..

All music was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sarah at her own ‘Salacia Studio’ near the ocean in Coogee, and with this fresh recording under her sequinned belt, Sarah is celebrating big time with a tour along the East Coast of Australia:

~ Sarah’s ‘Stroke Of Midnight’ EP was released on Oct 28th 2017 with a band of exceptional musicians and friends listed below:

The songs above are Written, Mixed & Mastered by Sarah Marine ~ Vocals, Keys & Archtop Guitar, and feature the following legendary musicians:
Matt Smith ~ Guitar (Thirsty Merc, The Strides)
Gerard Masters ~ Hammond Organ (Lior, Pete Murray)
Dave Smith ~ Guitar (Jack Wilkins, Dale Barlow)
James Haselwood ~ Bass (Kasey Chambers, Natalie Imbruglia)
Hamish Stuart ~ Drums & Percussion (Don Walker, Everyone..)
Recorded onto reel to reel tape by Billy Field @ Australia’s Iconic Paradise Studios