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~ Following the East coast tour launch of her single ‘Go away’ in 2018, and debut EP ‘Stroke of midnight’ in 2017, Sarah is set to release a pearler this April called ‘Swims & Shows’. It’s a tropical song that takes the piss out of life for touring musos travelling up & down the coast playing gigs in their melting hot van & noble steed ~ ‘Ronda RightTrack’.  Release details & tour dates will be on my facebook music Page soon!

~ Thanks to the legendary Claude Hay for having me play a support set at the Lounge Room! Such a great musician & Venue ~

~ That’s a wrap for my 2018 East Coast tour which released my new single ‘Go Away’ with a bang! A massive thank you to Pam Hata  &  Tom Lee-Richards for supporting a bunch of different shows, to the legendary Claude Hay for having me support his show at The Lounge Room, and all of the sweet venues who hosted our shows ~ The Treehouse on Belongil (Byron Bay), The Pacific Hotel (Yamba), Tapp Bar (Port Macquarie), Flow Bar (Old Bar) Just to name a few!!

~ A big Thank you to Flow Bar at Old Bar for being such an excellent live music venue & fun, gracious hosts!  B)

‘Go Away’ Tour Poster, 2018
Created by Sarah Marine ~